March 23, 2012

Your Friendly Guide to Different Governments!

With Republics never really working, and partisan politics taking over in Congress, your friendly neighborhood Democrat is here to help!

Democratic - The fairest government, Democracy allows everybody to have one vote in all issues, however, Democracy is not practiced correctly in “free countries”, such as America.

Republic - The people of a set area decide which one person will represent them, and then tell him/her what they want him/her to say when all the other representatives meet to decide on issues.

Dictatorship - One man/woman controls and decides everything, without any say from the people.

Democratic-Republic - People in gerrymandered voting districts vote for corrupt politicians to represent them, then the politicians vote on everything with no say from the people. This is practiced in America and DOES. NOT. WORK.

Oligarchy - A small number of people, usually royalty, high ranking military officers, and/or wealthy businessmen, make decisions for all issues, these people are usually chosen by the leader.

Theocracy - The country is lead by “divine” or “enlightened” officials, usually clergymen, who normally set out strict religious rules, often not letting unbelievers of their religion into the country.

~Mein Identity Keeps Esoteric

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