March 26, 2012

To space, my birdies!

I’m sorry guys, but due to the release of Angry Birds Space I am turning into a cavewoman and going to live with the birds and the pigs. Tweet, Oink. Angry Birds space was released last week, and the game has 60 whole levels of pirds(Get it? Pigs and birds! It’s a conjunction.) to enjoy. The game is available for mac, PC, iPod, iPad 3, iPhone, and Android. The new game features something really cool- gravity. Imagine flinging a yellow bird, and as it orbits Jupiter- WHAM! You click the screen and it bounces around Pluto, back to Venus and then nails the king pig right in the kisser. Ba-dam, high score! Anyway, don’t take it from me. Watch the video! Ehh.. after the break.


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