March 16, 2012

Emotional Contagion

Many people don’t know this, but there is a negative influence that physical interaction with people has on your emotions. The phenomenon known as emotional contagion affects all people, young and old.  It allows our feelings to rub off on other people, and it can be used for good and bad.  The ability to pass stress on to other people has made stress become an epidemic of the 21st century.  Scientists say this because stress is causing more than 70% of all visits to physicians.  This is a real problem because with only around four degrees of separation (you know everyone in the world through four people) stress could spread like a wildfire.  Your stress could move to China in a day through your friend’s parent’s workmate.
This could also raise a problem if two stressed people met.  Their stress levels would rise whenever anyone says something.  Soon the room would be a giant stress bomb, waiting to explode when an innocent person walks in.  However there is hope.  It is just as easy to spread positive emotions through people.  Being nice to someone could make them be nice to someone else and, as far as you know, your positive attitude could stop World War III.

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