March 22, 2012

The wonders of Asprin

According to the national cancer institute, studies are showing that people who take aspirin are less likely to die of certain kinds of cancer. That means that people who regularly take asprin are half as likely to die of cancer..  “In-trials, cancer deaths [reduced] by nearly [half] after about five years.” said Eric Jacobs, director of pharmacoepidemiology for the American Cancer Society. This isn’t new, though. This was just one of the many tests that have been conducted, as this connection between Cancer and Asprin has been suspected since the 1990s. However, no one knows why or how Asprin works it’s magic against cancer. Now, don’t take this so seriously that you go and chug your asprin bottles at home. Asprin taken in large doses can cause you gastrointestinal bleeding. So.. if you don’t want internal bleeding, take it rationally, and follow the dosage on the bottle.

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