June 4, 2012

Artist Turns Dead Cat into RC Helicopter

The Remote Control Quadricopter, as shown above, is made out a dead cat named Orville. Yes, this man stuffed his dead cat after it got hit by a car, and turned it into a remote control helicopter. Surprising, I know. Just imagine what all the poor birds are thinking as of now...
This of course, raises many ethical issues, such as, why is this legal? My opinion is that he’s allowed to do whatever he wants with his dead cat’s body, it’s... His dead cat’s body! However, this is completely and absolutely hilarious, and I can see how easily marketable it is. Making millions of dollars off of turning your dead cats’ bodies into remote controlled helicopters, you don’t have to pay for cremation, and your kids will have oh so much fun flying ol’ Mr. Whiskers around!
On the other hand, this is absolutely and completely horrible. He turned his dead cat, into a helicopter. His dead cat. A helicopter. Deadcatcopter. And he’s flying it around. I’m not even going to ask how, I’m going to ask why... I mean seriously, why would you take your dead cat, put four rotors on it, and make it fly around scaring the ghosts out of graves. It’s a dead cat, let it be dead. Do you really think Orville wanted to be turned into a helicopter when he died?
The man who made this Deadcatcopter is an artist, and he calls this art. Art. ART? Seriously, that’s the most interpretive art I’ve seen since that big black dot in the middle of an otherwise blank canvas, if it even qualifies as art... I don’t really understand how this is art, seeing as it’s just a cat with rotors in it that flies around via remote control. That’s not art, that’s engineering, and barely so!
Anarchism isn’t really what you think it is, which is probably a form of society in which there is no government, no rules, no nothing, just bloodshed. No, that is wrong, but partially right. In proper Anarchism, there are rules, laws, and the such, but there is no government. Every citizen gets exactly one vote, and that counts as exactly one vote. Every citizen also has the right to vote on every issue. This makes it the purest form of Democracy.
However, there are many different forms of Anarchism, some of which I will describe:

First off, the basic term, Anarchy. Anarchy isn’t a state in which a country has no rules, no leaders, no nothing. An Anarchy is simply the state of having no government. Many “Anarchist” protesters ruin the name of proper Anarchists, by wanting no rules and the such, like those at the G20 Summit in Toronto during 2010.

Anarcho-collectivism, also known as Collectivist Anarchism, was the theory of Mikhail Bakunin, a Russian revolutionary. The term “collectivism” was first used to separate Anarcho-collectivists from Anarcho-communists, which Bakunin called authoritarian.

You could describe Anarcho-collectivism as Anarchist Capitalism, but it’s  much more complicated than that. Workers wages are decided democratically, based on how hard the job is, and how long they work. These wages are then spent in a market.

Anarcho-communism, first proposed by Karl Marx, is very different from Anarcho-collectivism. In Anarcho-communism, there are no wages, and everybody gets what they need to live. On paper, Anarcho-communism is one of the best forms of society, but cannot be reproduced in the real world due to human nature. Anarcho-communism, and just Communism in general, has had its name tarnished by several countries who did it wrong, such as the Soviet Union and China.

~Mein Identity Keeps Esoteric