June 4, 2012

Artist Turns Dead Cat into RC Helicopter

The Remote Control Quadricopter, as shown above, is made out a dead cat named Orville. Yes, this man stuffed his dead cat after it got hit by a car, and turned it into a remote control helicopter. Surprising, I know. Just imagine what all the poor birds are thinking as of now...
This of course, raises many ethical issues, such as, why is this legal? My opinion is that he’s allowed to do whatever he wants with his dead cat’s body, it’s... His dead cat’s body! However, this is completely and absolutely hilarious, and I can see how easily marketable it is. Making millions of dollars off of turning your dead cats’ bodies into remote controlled helicopters, you don’t have to pay for cremation, and your kids will have oh so much fun flying ol’ Mr. Whiskers around!
On the other hand, this is absolutely and completely horrible. He turned his dead cat, into a helicopter. His dead cat. A helicopter. Deadcatcopter. And he’s flying it around. I’m not even going to ask how, I’m going to ask why... I mean seriously, why would you take your dead cat, put four rotors on it, and make it fly around scaring the ghosts out of graves. It’s a dead cat, let it be dead. Do you really think Orville wanted to be turned into a helicopter when he died?
The man who made this Deadcatcopter is an artist, and he calls this art. Art. ART? Seriously, that’s the most interpretive art I’ve seen since that big black dot in the middle of an otherwise blank canvas, if it even qualifies as art... I don’t really understand how this is art, seeing as it’s just a cat with rotors in it that flies around via remote control. That’s not art, that’s engineering, and barely so!
Anarchism isn’t really what you think it is, which is probably a form of society in which there is no government, no rules, no nothing, just bloodshed. No, that is wrong, but partially right. In proper Anarchism, there are rules, laws, and the such, but there is no government. Every citizen gets exactly one vote, and that counts as exactly one vote. Every citizen also has the right to vote on every issue. This makes it the purest form of Democracy.
However, there are many different forms of Anarchism, some of which I will describe:

First off, the basic term, Anarchy. Anarchy isn’t a state in which a country has no rules, no leaders, no nothing. An Anarchy is simply the state of having no government. Many “Anarchist” protesters ruin the name of proper Anarchists, by wanting no rules and the such, like those at the G20 Summit in Toronto during 2010.

Anarcho-collectivism, also known as Collectivist Anarchism, was the theory of Mikhail Bakunin, a Russian revolutionary. The term “collectivism” was first used to separate Anarcho-collectivists from Anarcho-communists, which Bakunin called authoritarian.

You could describe Anarcho-collectivism as Anarchist Capitalism, but it’s  much more complicated than that. Workers wages are decided democratically, based on how hard the job is, and how long they work. These wages are then spent in a market.

Anarcho-communism, first proposed by Karl Marx, is very different from Anarcho-collectivism. In Anarcho-communism, there are no wages, and everybody gets what they need to live. On paper, Anarcho-communism is one of the best forms of society, but cannot be reproduced in the real world due to human nature. Anarcho-communism, and just Communism in general, has had its name tarnished by several countries who did it wrong, such as the Soviet Union and China.

~Mein Identity Keeps Esoteric

May 18, 2012

School Teacher gets fired.


A Catholic school teacher is under fire after he hid a camera in a pen and recorded girls undressing inside a classroom storage closet where his students changed.
He was caught when he lost his iPad at a DeLand Walmart. A women found it and told cops it contained “nude photos of children.” Arrest reports stated that Joshua hid three pin cameras on metal shelves inside the storage closet and recorded 12 and 13 year old girls taking of their clothes. Police said he admitted to downloading the videos onto his computer and viewing them later. Parents are very upset for what happened. Some of them are saying that they went there when they were younger and they know the entire St. Peters Community. School Officials say that he underwent a backround check before his hire. Joshua Waguespack was granted $10,000 bail and ordered to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.  

Ronaldo better than Messi?

Apparently Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world.  Ronaldo, who is the star Midfielder for Real Madrid, scored a personal best 46 League goals. However, Messi, who plays for Barcelona, is considered by many to be the best player in the world.
In an interview, Ronaldo stated that he was a better player than Messi.  Messi, this year scored a Barcelona team record goals this year, with a total of 50 League goals.
To view a comparison of these players, you can click on the following links.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Lionel Messi

The Top 9 Internet Speeds (Countries)

Have you ever thought that your internet was extremely slow?  Well this article will show the comparison of our country’s internet speed and other countries’ internet speeds!
Akamai, a company that develops business software, websites, and more, recently made a report on global Internet connection speeds.
To get an accurate reading and avoid unfairly comparing countries with population differences, Akamai only studied data from countries that had made requests for more than 25,000 IP addresses (A numerical number assigned to a device, such as a computer).
The report said that the Internet speeds dropped down to an average of 2.3 Megabits per second (Mbps) worldwide, which is a 14% drop from last quarter.  But compared to last year’s report, the global Internet speed increased 19%.
The United State’s average internet connection speed was 5.0 Mbps in 2010, the fastest state being Delaware.  The US’s internet speed is ranked number 26, right behind Hungary.

The countries with the top 9 Internet speeds are:

9. Romania: Averaged 6.4 Mbps

8. Czech Republic: Averaged 6.7 Mbps

7. Ireland: Averaged  6.8 Mbps

6. Switzerland: Averaged 7.3 Mbps

5. Latvia: Averaged 7.8 Mbps

4. Netherlands: Averaged 8.2 Mbps

3. Hong Kong: Averaged 9.1 Mbps

2. Japan: Averaged 9.1 Mbps

1. South Korea: Averaged 17.5 Mbps

Washington Whooping Cough Epidemic

On April 3rd, 2012, Health Secretary Mary Selecky declared a Whooping cough epidemic in the state of Washington.  Whooping cough, also called pertussis, is a highly contagious disease that causes uncontrollable, violent coughing, runny nose, fever, and diarrhea.  It can also weaken your body’s immune system, leading to other diseases or infections that could potentially kill you.
This has been the first Whooping cough epidemic since California’s 2010 epidemic, where over 9000 cases and 10 deaths were reported.
Currently, in Washington, about 1,280 cases have been reported and health officials expect the number to rise to 3,000 by the end of the year, even though the vaccine has become available to people for free if they don’t have insurance.
Washington already requires a booster shot for middle school and high school students, adults with newborns at the hospital, and is also urging businesses to get their employees an adult booster shot.
Just last week, Govenor Chris Gregoire announced that the state is putting $90,000 in a public awareness campaign as well as using some federal money to buy 27,000 doses of vaccine.  Washington has also asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to send investigators and an epidemiologist (a person researches public health in a large population) to the state.

Asus Padfone - Best of all three worlds!

No doubt everyone wants a phone and a tablet and some people have both.  Well what if those two devices were the same.  Asus has created the most amazing device ever, the Asus Padfone.  A 4.3 inch smartphone that fits perfectly into a 10.1 inch tablet.  This type of technology has many benefits, such as battery life.  The phone itself already has a pretty good battery life, but since all the major components needed for a functioning tablet are in the phone Asus put a giant battery in the tablet so when you plug the phone into the tablet the battery can last, like forever.  And don't worry, switching between the two screen sizes is pretty much flawless.  Also, having a two in one device like this can actually save you money.  Instead of having to buy two 3G data plans, one for your phone and one for your tablet, you only need one for both devices.

(Warning, this part gets nerdy)

The processor is a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual-Core (which is fast) however it does not support 4G LTE.  It does however support HSPA+ which is like 3G+. On the phone there is a 8 megapixel rear facing camera (same one on the current iPhone) and a .3 megapixel front facing camera.  When you plug the phone into the tablet dock, the front facing camera gets upgraded to a 1.3 megapixel camera, which is only slightly better.  The tablet adds a micro hdmi port to the device.  And of course the new phone will have the latest version of Android, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

(Nerdiness over)

Not only is the Padfone very practical, but it is also a very sleek, and eye-appealing device.  I would feel proud to hold a phone or tablet that looked and felt like that.  A 4.3 inch screen is really the best screen size nowadays and the Padfone boasts a very beautiful one.  There are two major accessories that you can get for your Padfone.  One of them is a Padfone Station Dock.  This dock adds a keyboard to the tablet, thus making one device a phone, tablet and netbook!  The Padfone Dock Station also has a big battery in it that adds to the battery life of the device. The second major accessory is the Stylus Headset.  The name is pretty self-explanatory... What this accessory does is allows you to answer calls in tablet mode by using a stylus.  The stylus works on capacitive screens, so it would be a cool thing to have for any phone.

With the Padfone you get an epic cell phone experience.  With the Padfone Dock you get an awesome tablet experience. With the Padfone Dock Station you get a great netbook experience.  When you have all three, then you truly get the best of all three worlds.


On May 8th, Josh Hamilton made history. Hamilton, a MLB Center Fielder for the Texas Rangers broke one American League record, and tied a MLB record. This all occurred in one MLB game against the Baltimore Orioles on May 8th.
Josh Hamilton, has had to work hard to get to this point though. After being drafted first overall by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now just the Tampa Bay Rays) in the 1999 MLB Draft. He was drafted out of Athens Drive High School, in Raleigh, NC.
However, his career did not just run smoothly to this point. Hamilton, fell into Drugs and Alcohol, and became addicted. His career was all but over. In 2005, Hamilton got back on track. He stopped drinking, and managed to stop using illegal drugs. He quit, and has managed to stay clean since.
He did not even play a MLB game until 2007 for the Cincinnati Reds. Since then, he has been one of the best players in the MLB.
On May 8th, Josh Hamilton hit 4 Home Runs. He had 5 At Bats during the game, and got extra bases on every At Bat. Hamilton, tied the MLB record for Home Runs in a single game, joining 15 other players who have accomplished the feat. With one double and 4 Home Runs, Hamilton set another record. His total bases for the game, was the most ever seen in a American League game.

May 16, 2012

Autism and iPads: Technology is more than just Angry Birds


In 2010, the first iPad, the iPad 1, was released. Millions flocked to Apple stores worldwide to be the first to get the new technology. However, some people were too busy with problems of their own to get the device.

Sharia Siddiqui was born to a Pakistani family in 2007. Her family was ecstatic, their first child! But as time went on, they began to suspect something was wrong. Sharia would stare at the television set in their house for hours, not responding when called or for any reason. At first, the parents(Ayza Sheikh and Fawad Siddiqui) thought she had a hearing problem. But when her hearing turned out to be fine, they worried. They took Siddiqui to a specialist at an early detection center when she was two years old. They found out she had ASD, or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sometimes it’s better to be left wondering than to know.. and sometimes knowing hurts.

With therapy, Siddiqui could talk a little bit, but it wasn’t enough.

When Sharia was 3, the iPad came out. They got her one, and everything changed for them. Her father says that before Sharia was brought the iPad, her only method of communication was crying.

"What the iPad has done has given her a sense of control that she never had before," Siddiqui said. "She knows when you touch it, something is supposed to happen. She knows she doesn't need to cry, she needs to point."

Soon, she learned to speak from the iPad. She could say short sentences and use the iPad to point her parents to what she wanted.

Statistically, iPad apps have been more and more for helping than they have been for entertaining. If you search “Autism” in the app store, over 700 hits will pop up. 700 apps for people with mental disabilities, over a course of just three years? Now that’s progress.

NBA Playoffs

In the NBA’s Eastern Conference the first round all went to plan except the for the (1)Bulls and the (8)76ers.  That series was decided by Derrick Rose tearing his ACL in the first game.  That series ended in six games with the (8)76ers winning.
The series in the Eastern Conference was the (2)Heat and the (7)Knicks.  This series was no surprise the favored Heat one it in 5 games.  Most of the games were blowouts.  This year the Heat are probably the favorite to win the NBA title.
The 3 vs 6 match up in the East was again no surprise.  The (3)Pacers easily took out the (6)Magic despite the Magic winning game one.  The magic were playing without their All Star center Dwight Howard.  The series was a quick 5 games.
The fourth and Final matchup in the Eastern Conference was the (4)Hawks and the (5)Celtics.  Despite the Celtics being a lower seed they were the clear favorite in this series because of the experience of their veterans.  The Celtics won the series in 6 games.

This year the Western Conference has two favorites the (1)Spurs and the (2)Thunder.  These teams are expected to meet in the Western Conference Finals.  The Veteran (1)Spurs easily swept the (8)Jazz.
The (2)Thunder swept the defending champion (7)Mavericks.  The (2)Thunder were led by their outstanding Small Forward Kevin Durant.
The next series was a heated battle between the (3)Lakers and the (6)Nuggets.  This series came down to a decisive game seven.  The (3)Lakers pulled out victorious because of their large front line.
The final series of the first round was between (4)Grizzlies and the (5)Clippers.  This series also came down to a game seven.  The high flying (5)Clippers pulled out victorious.

OPINION:  The second round matchup between (8)76ers and the (5)Celtics should be over in 5 or six games with the Celtics winning.  The Celtics seem to always make deep runs in the playoffs and have a knack for hitting shots when it matters.  Also surprisingly the Celtics are becoming healthier as the playoffs progress.
The other Eastern Conference second round series will almost definitely be won by the (2)Heat.  The (3)Pacers just won't be able to beat the heats smothering defense and relentless offense.  Not to mention 2012 NBA MVP LeBron James.

OPINION: The matchups in the Western conference second round both have obvious favorites.  The veteran (1)Spurs should sweep the inconsistent (5)Clippers.  The Spurs ended the season with the NBA’s best record, and it seems they have found the fountain of youth for point guard Tony Parker.
The other Western Conference second round series will also be somewhat of a blowout.  The young (2)Thunder will face the (3)Lakers and their famous shooting Guard Kobe Bryant.  The Thunder will probably win the series in four or five games.  The Thunder are one of a few teams that can match the Lakers big men.

OPINION:  If I have predicted the winners of the Eastern Semifinals correctly then the hated (2)Miami Heat will face off with the storied (5)Boston Celtics.  The series will be a fight to the death.  Both teams have terrifying defenses and physical players.  The (2)Heat will most likely win in seven games because of their home court advantage, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the (5)Celtics came out victorious.  Honestly, I despise both of these teams and just want them to cripple each other for the NBA Finals.
The Western Conference Finals will most likely be played between the (1)San Antonio Spurs and the (2)Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Spurs got into a winning rhythm near the end of the season and are still getting hotter.  The (2)Thunder have a defensive front court and a skillful back court.  This series could easily go either way, but the younger (2)Thunder may be able to tire out the (1)Spurs and win the series in six or seven games.

OPINION:  I will look at all four scenarios I have thought of for the NBA Finals.  I’m going to start with the least likely matchup between the resilient (5)Boston Celtics and the aging (1)San Antonio Spurs.  This series would likely end in five or six games.  The (1)Spurs would likely win after running the (5)Celtics into the ground with their high powered offense.  This would give the (1)Spurs their fifth NBA Title.
The next least likely matchup is the clutch (2)Oklahoma City Thunder and the defensive minded (5)Boston Celtics.  Saying the (2)Thunder play like them normal selves they will win the series in five or six games.  The rising stars on the (2)Thunder’s backcourt will be just too much for the slower (5)Celtics to handle.
The next possible Finals match up would be a brutal battle between the stacked (2)Miami Heat and the intelligent (1)San Antonio Spurs.  This series would likely end in seven games with the (1)Spurs winning on their home court.  The relentless offence of the (1)Spurs will just give the (2)Heat too much foul trouble.

OPINION:  Now for the most likely series the expensive (2)Miami Heat and the powerful (2)Oklahoma City Thunder.  This series would be a interesting in many ways.  One way is that the (2)Heat are one of the most expensive NBA teams with a team payroll of just over $80 million while the (2)Thunder are one of the cheapest with their team payroll totaling about $57 million.  Also the small forward matchup features the MVP and the runner up MVP.  Thirdly both teams show a different model for how to build a successful team.  The (2)Thunder built theirs with well thought draft picks while the (2)Heat signed All Star players.
The point guard matchup will be between the (2)Thunders All Star Russell Westbrook and the (2)Heat’s Mario Chalmers.  The (2)Thunder easily win this match up due to Westbrook’s athleticism and scoring ability while Chalmers isn’t known for anything other than his three point shooting ability.  
The shooting guard matchup is a very interesting one.  From the outside it looks like the (2)Heat’s Dwyane Wade is the obvious favorite over the (2)Thunder’s defensive minded Thabo Sefolosha, but the Thunders real shooting guard was six man of the year James Harden.  Harden is a skilled offensive player.  In the end the Heat still win the shooting guard matchup, but just hardly.  
Now comes the small forward battle.  The (2)Heat’s LeBron James was the league's MVP and is dominate in every aspect of the game other then in the clutch.  James seems to fade when the spotlight shines the brightest.  The (2)Thunder match LeBron with MVP runner up Kevin Durant.  Kevin Durant won his third scoring title this season and he is only 24 years old.  Also Durant led the league in game winning or tying shots this season.  Most people would pick James in that matchup, but but being the (2)Thunder fan I am I’m going to pick the (2)Thunder’s Kevin Durant.  
The power forward matchup is between the (2)Thunder’s Serge Ibaka and the (2)Heat’s Chris Bosh.  Both of these players have very colorful nicknames.  Bosh has been named The Dinosaur, The Ostrich, or even The Gazelle (well the last one might just be my family).  Ibaka’s nicknames all reflect his superhuman shot blocking ability.  He has been called the Serge Protector, Iblocka, and also Serge I-Block-Ya.  Despite Bosh’s funnier nicknames he wins the matchup due to his scoring ability, but they will likely cancel each other out.
The Center matchup is between the (2)Heat’s undersized Joel Anthony and the (2)Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins.  Both of these players do almost nothing on the offensive end of the court.  They are both primarily defenders.  Perkins wins this matchup due to his larger size.
After that analysis of each match up the (2)Thunder are winning three match up  and the (2)Heat only two.
This series will likely end in game seven with the (2)Thunder denying LeBron James his first ring.  The (2)Thunder’s offence will be just too much for the (2)Heat.  This will give the (2)Oklahoma City Thunder their first ever NBA Title.