May 18, 2012


On May 8th, Josh Hamilton made history. Hamilton, a MLB Center Fielder for the Texas Rangers broke one American League record, and tied a MLB record. This all occurred in one MLB game against the Baltimore Orioles on May 8th.
Josh Hamilton, has had to work hard to get to this point though. After being drafted first overall by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now just the Tampa Bay Rays) in the 1999 MLB Draft. He was drafted out of Athens Drive High School, in Raleigh, NC.
However, his career did not just run smoothly to this point. Hamilton, fell into Drugs and Alcohol, and became addicted. His career was all but over. In 2005, Hamilton got back on track. He stopped drinking, and managed to stop using illegal drugs. He quit, and has managed to stay clean since.
He did not even play a MLB game until 2007 for the Cincinnati Reds. Since then, he has been one of the best players in the MLB.
On May 8th, Josh Hamilton hit 4 Home Runs. He had 5 At Bats during the game, and got extra bases on every At Bat. Hamilton, tied the MLB record for Home Runs in a single game, joining 15 other players who have accomplished the feat. With one double and 4 Home Runs, Hamilton set another record. His total bases for the game, was the most ever seen in a American League game.

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