May 2, 2012

Google Glass

If you don't live under a rock then you probably have heard of Google's Project Glass.  If you haven't, then this is what it is.  Project Glass is Google's attempt to make Augmented Reality glasses.  The device would allow to you read emails or text message without pulling out your phone.  You could be on facebook or browsing the web while the teacher is talking.  You can even take a picture without using a camera!  You might look like a complete dork but it is worth it.

Or is it...

Google is infamous for flooding your web browser with advertisements, so will they do the same with your vision.  Having a screen between you and reality could also cause some safety issues.  What if Google decided to block the car that is speeding toward you?  There is also the risk that the screen on the glasses might not work in the night.  The glasses could also end up costing a bunch of money, so only the rich can get it.

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