May 18, 2012

The Top 9 Internet Speeds (Countries)

Have you ever thought that your internet was extremely slow?  Well this article will show the comparison of our country’s internet speed and other countries’ internet speeds!
Akamai, a company that develops business software, websites, and more, recently made a report on global Internet connection speeds.
To get an accurate reading and avoid unfairly comparing countries with population differences, Akamai only studied data from countries that had made requests for more than 25,000 IP addresses (A numerical number assigned to a device, such as a computer).
The report said that the Internet speeds dropped down to an average of 2.3 Megabits per second (Mbps) worldwide, which is a 14% drop from last quarter.  But compared to last year’s report, the global Internet speed increased 19%.
The United State’s average internet connection speed was 5.0 Mbps in 2010, the fastest state being Delaware.  The US’s internet speed is ranked number 26, right behind Hungary.

The countries with the top 9 Internet speeds are:

9. Romania: Averaged 6.4 Mbps

8. Czech Republic: Averaged 6.7 Mbps

7. Ireland: Averaged  6.8 Mbps

6. Switzerland: Averaged 7.3 Mbps

5. Latvia: Averaged 7.8 Mbps

4. Netherlands: Averaged 8.2 Mbps

3. Hong Kong: Averaged 9.1 Mbps

2. Japan: Averaged 9.1 Mbps

1. South Korea: Averaged 17.5 Mbps

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