May 15, 2012

Texting While Walking is Banned!

   In the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey, you don't want to be caught texting on the side-walk. Multi-tasking with a cell-phone has always been frowned upon, but no real action has been taken in most states until now. Texting while driving has already been banned in most states, but texting while walking? That's new!
   A fine of $85 is issued to any pedestrian texting who is spotted by policemen. While some citizens are appalled by the new law, others are thankful for it. Texting while walking is a huge distraction, and you've probably been jostled by a few indifferent multi-taskers. So you can imagine those in Fort Lee, New Jersey who are more sensitive to this issue are jumping for joy.
   Personally, I think that texting while walking is necessary... sometimes. If you are on your way to meeting someone and they don't pick up their phone, then you will have to text them. However, if it is important and you must continue texting someone, then move to the side and out of everybody's way.
   Who knows? Maybe other states will follow Fort Lee, New Jersey in example. Texting and driving is still an issue that has yet to be solved in a majority of states, however, you can check off texting and walking in Fort Lee!

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