May 1, 2012

NBA playoffs day 1

On Saturday the NBA Playoffs officially started.  The playoffs started with three games from the Eastern conference and one game from the West.  The playoffs started with the (1)Bulls and the (8)76ers.  This game was less about the winner, but more about the injuries.  The one seeded Bulls won, but lost their best player Derrick Rose.  Rose tore his ACL on one of his famous jump stops.
The second game of day one of the playoffs was a complete blowout.  The (2)Miami Heat beat the (7)New York Knicks.  The final score was 100 to 67.  The game was dominated by bad foul calls, and flops by All-star Lebron James.
The third game of the NBA playoffs was between the (3)Indiana Pacers and the (6)Orlando Magic.  The game was a surprise win for Orlando with a final score of 81 to 77.  The game was a surprise win because Orlando was playing without their All-star center Dwight Howard. Dwight Howard 2008 Dunk Contest
The fourth and final game of day one was a Rematch from the 2011 Western Finals.  The (2)Oklahoma City Thunder and the (7)Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavs are the defending NBA champions.  The game was close the whole time but the Thunder superstar Kevin Durant pulled out a clutch shot with 1.5 seconds to go.  The end score was 99 to 98.

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