May 11, 2012

Opinion Piece on Amendment One

So, Amendment One passed... Just because a priest says “Vote for this, for it is good”, does not mean it’s right. Leviticus says “Not to lay with a man as you lay with a woman, for that is an abomination” in the bible, which simply means not to treat men as inferiors, as they did back then with women. And anyways, marriage wasn’t between a man and a woman, it was between a man and twenty or so women. The bible also says that you have to marry the woman(en) you rape, and it supports slavery...
However, the bible also says that you must not wear clothes made of two fabrics, you must not mark upon your skin, or do a variety of other things that modern day humans do on a daily basis. I don’t see many people respecting all of these... I’m not criticising Christianity, I’m criticising its followers. Christianity has been taken out of context and bent to the Catholic church’s will since way back in the medieval times, when bibles were written in Latin so that only educated priests could read them, and not the peasants, so that they could twist the bible’s words to their own needs.
Speaking of the state constitution, the last time it was amended was in 1875, in which interracial marriage was banned. This state has been plagued by constant battles over human rights because we’re surrounded by hicks and Christians. I’m not saying that all Christians are bad, seeing as the Episcopal church allows gay ministers, just the majority of them in this state.

~Mein Identity Keeps Esoteric

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