May 11, 2012

A View of Amendment One

  1. North Carolina voters decided to pass the amendment banning same-sex marriage 61% to 39%.  Many people saw this coming due to previous polls, so it is not that much of a surprise.  The constitutional amendment states that the only legal domestic form of union is between one man and one woman.  Many people think it is crazy that they would have to defend the obvious single form of marriage, while others think that the amendment will also hurt heterosexual families.

  1. I don’t see what the problem is with amendment one.  I personally was reading many articles about it as well as the comments after the articles.  Many people described the amendment as hateful and hurtful, however I don’t think it’s purpose is to discriminate and insult the people, but to tear down the practice. 

  1. Many journalists, supporters and opposers are using the Bible to either credit or discredit the amendment.  The Bible obviously states that marriage should only be between a man and a women.  However any avid Bible reader would know from Jeremiah 10:23 that men do not have the ability to direct their step (govern themselves) but rather humans should look forward to the time when God’s kingdom will bring to ruin all the badness in today’s government. (Daniel 2:44)  

  1. Another problem I have with the opposers is the fact that they are saying the amendment will also affect heterosexual couples.  If a man and a woman are together then they should have no problem registering for a legal marriage licence.

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