May 15, 2012

Apple! I- I mean, Mountain Lion OS.

A’ight, guys. I’m here to write about Apple..

Not the fruit, cause ya know- who cares about the fruit anyway?

So they’re sprouting a new OS for mac- called Mountain Lion. I don’t know what it is with Apple and naming things after big cats, but they’re obviously running out because last year’s OS was named Lion, the one before Snow Leopard and the one before Leopard. Get it? Leopard-Snow Leopard, Lion-Mountain Lion. Hah! They’re unoriginal.

Anywho, you may be wondering when it will come out and how much it will cost. Well, it’ll come out sometime this summer and chances are it’ll either be free or cost 30 dollars. We don’t know yet- Apple don’t tell us nothin’!

Now, I’m not really being paid to tell you this but I think you should upgrade. Why?

Simple: It’s becoming iPad-esque.

New features include A notification center(like the ones you get on iPads when you’re playing games and stuff? They pop up on the top?) , Airplay Mirroring - which is when you broadcast your mac screen onto a TV with AppleTV, wirelessly! It IS really cool, no stupid chords and stuff.. A cross-console reminder list that shows you what you need to do on your iPhone, your iPad, your iMac and your AppleTV! It stays consistent with iCloud, that one program that basically stores your data on the big hard drive in the sky and lets you access it with your AppleID anywhere, anytime! This includes apps, notes, music, videos and etc! And last, but not least... messages! You know, that nifty little program on your iPad that lets you message other iPads and email people and such? It’s now on the iMac, and with iCloud you can start a conversation with your mom on your computer, go out with your iPod, keep talking to her, come home and chill on the couch with your iPad while talking to her, saying you’re doing your homework but you’re really watching the Die Hard trilogy.

Anywho, that’s all from me! If you wanna learn more, Apple released this nifty video to teach ya’ll kiddies.

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