May 9, 2012

Really NC? REALLY?

May 7th, 2012.

Amendment one passed.

This takes the law against Gay marriage in North Carolina one step further by saying, “No. This is a marriage: A man and a woman. Not two men, not two women, not one man and two women or vice versa.” It bans polygamy and any other forms of domestic relationships. It’s gone a step further by only legally recognizing a marriage if it’s a man and a woman. I took a look at the statistics for who wanted the amendment to pass and who didn’t: this is surprising. Only 39 percent of people were against Amendment one. “Tonight’s results are an unfortunate reminder that the fight for Civil Rights in our state is not yet over. Writing discrimination into our Constitution is wrong. The State Constitution exists to protect the rights of our citizens- not to take them away. Despite this setback, north Carolina Democrats will continue to fight for all of our citizens.” Said the Democratic Party of North Carolina.
Same-sex marriage is only legal in 6 states now, and of course, the District of Columbia. These states include Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

It doesn't only affect gay couples, oh no. It affects all of us. We lost our Health Benefits with this, and same-sex couples won't get insurance anymore.

Now, I don’t understand how it passed but I’ll tell you that I’m pretty sure I don’t like whatever happens next. And also, I’m pretty ashamed of NC for this. Even the suggestion of the law is blasphemous, but when it passes.. no. That’s too far.

..Just a message from your friendly neighborhood Egyptian.

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