March 6, 2012

Cherry Blossom

Sakura, sakura. Yeah, bro. I’m learning Japanese. The funny thing is that Sakura means cherry blossom- you know, the big trees with the pink flowers on them- ring a bell? Okay, okay. They’re the ones that are in like.. every japanese folk painting. Look!

Aren’t they adorable? Speaking of which, in DC there’s this Cherry Blossom Festival, celebrating 100 years of the amazing trees of tradition. There’s a lot of history behind Sakura trees, and in fact.. it’s the national tree of Japan! Seriously, these trees have a lot going for them. They symbolize clouds, cause they’re all fluffy and cloud-like.. they look like a big cotton candy cloud(..mmm..) and they’re actually very in-tie with Buddhism. It’s believed that they’re embodiments of the japanese phrase “Mono no aware” which means “Be Empathetic”.. or something. I don’t get japanese stuff. They also symbolize kamikaze warriors after they die. This is some seriously heavy stuff. Anyway, the festival is from late march to early April- don’t miss out. 8D

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