March 15, 2012

March Madness

Its that time of year again.  The month where your time is consumed in a sheet of paper.  That you may rip, trash, or celebrate.  You may cheer for the underdogs, or you may claim “you guessed it”.  That’s right- it’s March Madness 2012.
It seems that all of ESPN’s experts have the same picks for the final four.  All of the experts have Kentucky coming out of the South, and most have UNC winning the Midwest.  While the West is split between Missouri and Michigan State.  Michigan is a one seed, while Missouri is a two seed that many experts thought should have been a one seed.  The East is mainly split between Syracuse, Florida State, and Ohio State, but also an expert picks Wisconsin, and another expert picks Vanderbilt.
Now comes the president’s bracket.  In 2009, Obama picked North Carolina to win.  Then in both 2010 and 2011 Obama picked Kansas to win it all.  Obama picked correctly with North Carolina to win it all- go UNC!- but then was wrong both years he picked Kansas.  This year the teams he picked to be in the Final Four were Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio State.  He then has North Carolina playing Kentucky in the final game.  Obama decided to have North Carolina winning, hoping that it would redeem him for his two years of picking Kansas.
Most people are picking Kentucky to win the NCAA tournament.  Kentucky has a staggering 35% of all ESPN brackets with them winning.  The second most picked team to win the tournament is UNC.  UNC has about 18% of the ESPN brackets picking them.
The madness starts March 15th.

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