March 30, 2012

Khan Academy

  Perhaps you have heard about this revolutionary new way of teaching. It takes learning with technology to a whole different level. The online-education career of Salman Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, began when he was tutoring his cousin over the internet using Yahoo's doodle pad. Then Khan decided that making YouTube videos for the public to learn would be beneficial. Therefore he began making videos, starting with the fundamentals. YouTube was indeed a good idea. Being that it's so easy to share videos and such, Khan's video hit the 20,000's. This prompted him to make more and more videos, slowly building up from the fundamentals and teaching the more difficult mathematics like Geometry, Algebra II and Pre-Calculus.    
   However, this was before. Before what, you may ask? Well, before Khan started his own little company called Khan Academy (go figure), before classrooms used his videos to teach their students, and before he built up a library of over 3,000 videos of learning material.
    Many schools have started using Khan Academy to teach their students. One classroom has the students using laptops to learn the material from Khan's videos, do practice at home with it, then take a test on the subject. There has been a significant rise in test grades, according to teachers.
  Another benefit of using Khan's online Academy is that you can access it anywhere if you have the internet. If perhaps, you didn't understand a concept in class and you didn't know what to do, then you could easily access Khan's YouTube Channel and find the lesson there. You can pause, re-watch, and skip as little and as much as you'd like, making learning your own pace.
   Khan has talked about teaching other subjects, such as Social Studies or Science. This would make Khan Academy even more versatile, therefore more successful. The best part about Khan Academy is that it's 100% free. No paying, no super-plus membership. It's education for free.
   So if you're having trouble with a math concept, then check out Khan Academy, because after you watch one of his videos, you'll be a pro in no time. Check out the link below, and remember it as a learning asset.
    Happy learning! 

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