March 26, 2012

Bullet-stopping Items

Have you ever had a day when you wondered what could save you from a bullet?  The following are real life stories of strange and unexpected items saving people’s lives.
It was just another regular day for a store clerk in Modesto, California - until he got shot in the butt during an attempted robbery.  FOX40, a Sacramento broadcasting station, said that “the unidentified man's wallet kept his moneymaker from sustaining any damage.”  After the shooting, the three suspects drove away from the scene in a silver or gray Honda.  
In Indianapolis, MSNBC reported that watermelons and a bible stopped bullets. According to Fox News, just a month ago, a police officer’s badge saved him from serious or even life threatening injuries.
One controversial story is a 2007 story about a US soldier in Iraq, named Kevin Garrad.  He was on a patrol when an insurgent fired upon him, supposedly with an AK-47 at close range.  After a gunfight, the insurgent was killed and Kevin resumed his patrol and grabbed his HP iPod out of his chest pocket and tried to play some music on it, only to find that there was a bullet lodged in the corner.  The reporters that covered this seemingly miraculous story did not describe how close the shot was and could have mistaken the gun for another, lower caliber gun.

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