March 9, 2012

Randy Moss

Randy Moss wants to come back to the NFL. Moss, who retired before the last season has decided that he wants to come back to the NFL. He has recently been in New Orleans, with the Saints, for a workout with the team.
In the past Randy Moss has been one of  the best Wide Receivers in the NFL. His stats show a great WR, who will eventually be in the NFL  Hall of Fame. He has caught for a total of 14, 858 yards, with only 954 receptions. This is a excellent ratio of 15.6 yards per reception. Also, Moss has caught a total of 153 touchdowns.  
In the past couple of years, Randy Moss has been declining. His numbers significantly dropped after the 2009 season. In the 2010 season, Moss played the entire season, but he spent it with 3 different teams. Throughout the entire season,  he had less than 30 receptions, and less than 500 yards. This was a gigantic drop, from his 2009 numbers of 83 receptions for more than 1,200 yards. Also, his touchdown numbers dropped from 13 to 5.
Moss is hoping for a comeback, after one year in retirement. Recently, some big name players have participated in retirement like Moss, but then decide to play again. For example Brett Favre, former Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers retired after the 2007 NFL season , after 16 years with the Packers. Then he decided to come back for the 2008 NFL season ,and he spent the next three years in the NFL.
Randy Moss, would be a good fit for team looking for a 3rd or 4th Wide Receiver. He would fit in that position, because he has a lot of experience, and could help out the younger players. However, Moss is not a sure choice for a #1 Wide Receiver, as he is getting older, and has been out for a year.

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