March 15, 2012

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica, or- British Encyclopedia, is a name that most of you guys have heard before. It was first published in 1768 in the United Kingdom, starting out with just three volumes. But by 2010, a whole 242 years later, the encyclopedia had expanded to an 11-volume set. The encyclopedia is chock-full of information on just about everything- countries, dictionaries, things, places- you name it, it’s probably in there! The encyclopedia announced just this month that it would stop publishing printed books and instead focus on it’s online edition. This one’s definitely more useful than the books, ‘cause.. well, one word: search bar. Okay, two words. You could search for horses, or pathology, or.. well, search for anything! The fact that it stopped publishing written books is a big thing, though. I mean, 244 years since it was started! Those books have got some history. Well, as all good things have to come to an end.. in a couple of decades, the books will probably become antiques. Hold onto them for some cash, kids!
The encyclopedia Britannica isn’t free, however- it’s available(well, mostly available) to subscribers only. There is some free content being put out there so that you guys can get a taste, but you know.. good things aren’t always free. Some people think that it would be a preferred source in comparison to Wikipedia, because it’s not open source and therefore not editable by anybody. But people still doubt that Wikipedia will be ousted by Britannica anytime soon.

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