March 9, 2012

NFL Bounty Hits

Everyone knows that football is a violent sport, but just how violent.  Well it turns out players can be payed up to $100,000 for big hits.  These big hits can be legal or illegal.  The whole point of these big hits is to injure players.  People would like to believe that these big hits would happen anyways, but the truth is these bounties give reasons for players to perform illegal hits.  When players already have $100 million contracts why do they even need these bonuses.  This bounty system has been in the National Football League for a very long time, but it is just beginning to reward players for both legal AND  illegal hits.  Despite people knowing about this system for many years the NFL has just begun to investigate it.  The NFL have already proved that the New Orleans Saints use the bounty system to give bonuses for illegal hits.  This Bounty System is just being revealed to the the public.  I suspect many other teams of using this system, specifically teams that have big hitting defences.  For example, if you saw any of the hits by Steelers linebacker James Harrison, or hits from Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh you would think think that their teams use a bounty system.  The NFL will probably follow up their investigation on the Saints by looking at the league as a whole and deciding which teams that are more likely to be using a Bounty System.  Teams which use this system will face big fines.
In my opinion the Big Hit Bounty System is horrible.  Its horrible because it gives players an incentive to injure each other.  What makes it even worse is that the NFL has known about this for a long time and are just now are doing something about it.  I hope the NFL harshly punishes teams for using a Bounty System.

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