March 28, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict went to Mexico on Saturday 23 2012 in Silao Guanajuato. After 14 hours on a plane everybody was waiting for him and he was on TV to show his arrival. After 3 days in Mexico he did a mass beneath Cristo Rey, a famous Catholic place were a statue of Jesus is on top of a mountain. This represents that God is in our hearts. This mountain is about 3,000 ft tall. This is very important because when Mexico was in their final stages of revolution Cristo Rey was destroyed but in 1950. However, they built a bigger Cristo Rey.  This was important to the people because Pope Benedict has never come to Mexico before. Only Pope Juan Pablo II has visited Mexico.  Pope Benedict’s hope was that Mexico would stop all this violence that is going on and that Mexico can have peace like we did before.

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