March 1, 2012

H.R. 1981/PCIP

A new bill, akin to SOPA and PIPA, even written by the same author, Lamar Smith R-Texas, is now being fast tracked through Congress. This new bill, H.R. 1981, a.k.a. PCIP, requires all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to store all the websites you have visited in the past 18 months, in order to catch criminals who visit illegal sites or pirate games and movies.
You should be aware and scared of this bill because if you have accidentally visited an illegal site or popups have lead to you to such a site, you (Or your parents if you’re under 18) can and will be sent to jail. This bill could mean the end of the Internet as we know it, as everyone who uses the Internet can be sent to jail for practically nothing.
This bill is being fast tracked through congress, which means that congress is hiding the bill from the public and not stating any dates that they will vote, meaning that there is little to nothing you can do to stop it, so prepare for the worst.

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