March 21, 2012

Earthquake Shakes Mexico

It seems like every week there is a huge earthquake somewhere in the world.  This week’s earthquake was in Oaxaca, Mexico however it was felt 314 miles away in the capital as well.  It was a powerful 7.4 earthquake, with 10 aftershocks, that shook buildings all over Mexico City.  Although many tall buildings were shaken, only small houses fell. The city is very well tested because there have been 15 earthquakes since 1973 that were just as powerful as this one, so if a building didn’t fall before, then it isn’t likely to fall now.  800 houses were damaged but only 60 collapsed.  This earthquake has given our school a scare because there are students from Smith that are visiting Mexico this week.  We were glad to hear that there were only 11 reported injuries and no deaths.  I hope that this harmless earthquake has been a experience that they won’t forget.

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