March 16, 2012

Your Friendly Guide to Different Religions!

With loads of people not really understanding what Atheism actually is, and politicians thinking that all Muslims are terrorists, your friendly neighborhood Polytheistic Deist is here to help!

Religion - The belief in a higher power, who usually has “Godlike” abilities.

Atheism - Not a religion, just a philosophy, these people believe that there is no God, and  when you die, you are dead, because there is no afterlife. Followers are known as Atheists.

Christianity - Followers of this religion attend church every Sunday, and believe in a higher power known only as “God”. Their holy book is the Bible. Followers are known as Christians.

Deism - The belief that there is a God (Or Gods), but that they simply created the world we live in and now do not interfere with human nature. Followers are known as Deists.

Judaism - These people believe in a God, similar to Christianity, but they do not believe in Jesus as a deity. Their holy book is the Torah. Followers are known as Jews.

Islam - Another monotheistic religion. Commonly called and labeled terrorists by many Americans and politicians. Islam is often taken out of context, but is a very peaceful religion. Their holy book is the Qur’an, and followers are known as Muslims.

Agnosticism - The belief that there may be a God or gods, but they do not know which one(s). Followers are known as Agnostic.

Hinduism - The oldest living religion in the world, this religion is polytheistic. Some of their practices include vegetarianism and festivals, such as Holi, the Festival of Colours. Followers are known as Hindus.

Buddhism - Technically not a religion, but a train of thought, it follows the teachings of  Siddhartha Buddha, who was said to be enlightened. Buddha’s teachings include karma and reincarnation (Rebirth after death). Followers are known as Buddhists.

Paganism - Paganism is a term used to refer to most early polytheistic religions, such as the belief in the Greek/Roman Gods. Most of these religions have died out by now, but some still have devoted followers. Not to be confused with Neopaganism, such as Wicca. Followers are known as Pagans.

~Mein Identity Keeps Esoteric

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