March 16, 2012


              Jose Alfredo Jimenez was a Mexican singer and song writer who sang rancheras, a style of music that is an integral part of Mexico’s heritage. He was born in January 19, 1926 and died November 23 1973. He composed over 1000 songs. Some of the most famous songs are "El Jinete" "Si Nos Dejan" "Que Te Vaya Bointo" and "El Rey" His songs continue to be popular and now another famous ranchero singer, Vicente Fernandez sings these songs. Jose Alferdo Jimenez was a great singer but he liked to drink a lot of alcohol and that was his cause of his death. His drinking had gotten so bad at one point that he had to go to emergency room. The doctor told him to stop drinking or else he would die. Soon after, José Alfredo Jimenez got married to a woman and he stopped drinking for a whole year. During this time he also made movies. After that year José Alfredo Jimenez got divorced and he started to drink again.                              This time he kept on drinking and made a song called La Vida No Vale Nada", which means that life is not worth anything. Shortly after writing that song, he had to go to the hospital again and was at a big risk of dying. However, he did not care and he said, "We were born to die". Despite the risk of dying he left the hospital to go see his son because it was his son’s birthday. When he got home he asked his son where he wanted to go for his birthday and his son just said he wanted to he play with him. After that day jose alfredo jimenez’s mom found him at home sick and skinny. His eyes looked like they were already dead when they took him back to the hospital. However, it was too late, he died.

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