March 7, 2012

Your Friendly Guide to Different Societies!

Recently, with the Occupy Protests being hijacked by “Anarchists”, and with nobody in the South actually understanding what Communism is and why it’s not a bad thing, your friendly neighborhood Anarchist-Communist is here to help!

Anarchism - There is no government, and everybody gets one vote in every single issue. Each vote counts as one vote, no matter what, and every issue is decided by majority. Anarchism is also the purest form of Democracy, but doesn’t work due to human nature.

Communism - Everybody gets everything they need to survive, and work to help make products to help other people to survive. So if one farmer needs a cow, and his neighbor has two cows, his neighbor must give him that cow for the good of the country. Communism is known as one of the best forms of society, but doesn’t work due to human nature and several infamous leaders desecrating its name.

Socialism - A little bit like Communism, but a bit less extreme.

Capitalism - Businesses are technically the rulers here. All prices are set by the free market, and most people are not given anything by the government, and have to work to buy it with currency. Most countries are capitalist, like America.

~Mein Identity Keeps Esoteric

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