March 27, 2012

Chivas vs. AmericaSuper classico

A team called Chivas is one of the most famous teams in La Liga Mexicana. Another famous team is called America. However, this America is from Jalisco Mexico not the one in US. These two teams have been facing each other since 1957 and each time America and Chivas go against each other, it is one of the most intensive games. When both teams have gone against each other all kinds of things happen. That is why you have to see the games because each game is always different. Today Chivas has more wins then America. Each time they face each other the whole stadium gets filled up quickly. On April, 8, 2012 Chivas and America will face each other again. People are already talking about this game and people are giving there opinion  on Republica Deportiva and other soccer news. In my perspective I think that Chivas will win because I think that they have better players then America like Marco Fabian, Julio Cesar and other famous players . Not only sport news talks about this but kids, adults  and teens are waiting for this match to happen.

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