March 8, 2012

Apple's Foxconn

In the news we have been hearing many good things about Apple and their growth however there are some bad things as well.  Over the past few weeks Apple has gotten a lot of attention at Foxconn, the place where they make all Apple products.  Many people have exposed Apple for underpaying their workers, hiring under-aged workers and making their workers work too hard.  CNN interviewed a worker and she had very disturbing stories.  She said “they use women as men and men as machine.”  She also says that she gets forced to work overtime and gets payed under a dollar a hour.  Another worker that ABC news interviewed said that she works two shifts and carves 60,000 Apple logos on the back of iPads, however Apple says that can’t be true.  They say that if she works two shifts she would be working 8:00am-8:00pm then 8:00pm-8:00am.  Living conditions aren’t bad.  They provide many athletic fields and a counselor.  They only implemented the counselor, however, after 18 suicides at the facility.  They also installed suicide nets so when someone jumps they won’t die.  
Workers have the choice to rent a dorm room and share it with 7 other people.  Many people that were interviewed by ABC news said that they would want more room in the dorms.  They also claimed that the food was too expensive.  For around $.70 you only get meat and rice.  My only problem with the sudden hate on Apple is there are many other people that create products at Foxconn, like Nintendo, Amazon and Microsoft, and they treat their workers even worse.  I think Apple is handling this problem very well.  For the first time ever they allowed reporters to go into Foxconn and report what they saw.

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