March 8, 2012

Teens Dropping Out Of School

Teens drop out of school for many reasons. Some of the reasons are academic difficulty, failure in classes, or poor attendance. Life reasons like teen pregnancy or family problems can also cause students to drop out. Schools and parents are failing the teens because they just pass them or place them in to the next grade when that person needed to stay behind. When a teen goes on to the next grade and they don't know how to read, for instance, they are likely to become frustrated with the increased workload. However, the fact is that they are doing the wrong thing because teens that drop out are most likely to live in poverty. Furthermore, their kids are also most likely to drop out of school just like them.
Teen boys are more likely to drop out of school than girls. Furthermore, Hispanic and African American teens are more likely to drop out than Asian American students and Caucasians.

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