March 5, 2012

Latino Initiative

Latino initiative is a program that meets on Tuesdays after school when Latino students have fun and also get their homework done. During this time they first go outside and play. Then UNC tutors come and help them get there work done. The difference between an original after school program and Latino Initiative is that they have tutors to help the students. Students also join this program because they feel more comfortable with other students that speak their own language. This program helps students speak up when they need to and they also get a chance to get to know other people like them in other grade levels. On the last day of after school we have a party and we all bring food like tamales, posole, enchiladas and a lot more.

David: why did you join Latino initiative?
Oscar: I joined Latino initiative because I needed more help and I did get help by tutors.
David: How does this program help you?
Oscar: It helps me because I turn in my homework on time by tutors and this program has more resources.
David: What do you do in this program?
Oscar: It is like after school we do our homework and play outside but this program is even better.
David: Do you think this program should only be for Latinos?
Oscar: No I think this program should be for everybody who needs it.
David: When you signed up to this program what did you expect?
Oscar: A lot more help and more free time.
David: Do you this program should change in anyway?
Oscar: Yes this program should be Monday and Tuesday not just on Tuesday and this program should also be for anybody.

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