March 27, 2012

Avatar the Legend of Korra

This Saturday Nickelodeon pre-released the first two episodes of the continuation of the beloved Avatar the Last Airbender series. It takes place 70 years after the end of the 100 year war. The title scene that used to be narrated by Katara is now narrated by her son Tenzin. Although Aang is now dead, Katara is still alive and is helping Korra to become a full Avatar. In the 70 years that are not covered by the series, Aang and his gang built a city that resembles New York City. There are hobos, gangsters, a park in the middle of the city, a copper statue of Aang and cars. It is sad that the world of Avatar has become more industrious but also very cool. The city is known as Republic City, and Aang's goal was to make it the capitol of peace in the world, but it is becoming quite the opposite. The police force are metal-benders that learned the technique from Toph and her children. Toph's daughter, is the head of the police force and is a very strict, serious and mean lady. Korra is unwilling to learn airbending until she realizes its practicality during a pro-bending match. Pro-bending is a new sport in the world of Avatar in which two teams of an earthbender, a waterbender and a firebender try to knock each other off a platform into water. However the main conflict in the story involves all benders.  There is an evil man named Amon who is trying to ban all bending! He and his followers are protesting in the streets and doing other small things. However, that is about to change. Later in the season Amon is going to make a frontal attack to all benders. Much more drama and character development will also unfold in the following months after it's official release on April 14th.

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