March 5, 2012

Apple A decade ago, Apple was only worth $10 billion. A year ago, Apple was worth $127 billion. Weeks ago, Apple was worth $500 billion on the stock market, which is worth more than the GDP of Poland, Sweden, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Belgium and many more countries. Apple's stock has been rocketing and was worth a staggering $540 per share at one point. Reports say that Apple sales were up 73% from last year. Apple is worth more than a huge list of things. So many in fact, that somebody actually made a web page listing things Apple is worth more than. The website is According to the website, Apple is worth more than 1 billion Ipads, the global coffee industry, worldwide lottery sales, more than 10 whole National Football Leagues (all of the teams’ value added up), and much, much, more. Only 4 other companies are, or have been worth half of a trillion dollars or more, These companies include: Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Cisco, and General Electric (GE). In 1999, Cisco and GE reached $500 billion and Microsoft reached $600 billion, which was the highest value that a company has ever reached.

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