March 28, 2012


Welp, guys.

We’re screwed.

I’m done. No, seriously, I’m done with this economy. I’M MOVING TO CANADA! The freakin’ gas prices went up to four bucks a gallon! What is this blasphemy?! Was $3.59 not enough for them? Didn’t the US just strike oil like a month ago? If we have more gas, we don’t need to raise the price! Come on, people. Plus, you know what? The price is still rising as we speak! Us as North Carolinians aren’t paying too much.. we’re in-between Hawaii($4.55 a gallon) and Wyoming($3.51 a gallon).

I bet you’re thinking, ‘Why should I care? It’s my parents problem.’ Heheh, well.. At this rate, by the time you’re old enough to be kicked out of the nest, the gas prices will be something like $10 a gallon, and you’ll be a measly college student searching for ways to earn money just so you can fill your tank. I’m telling you; if you guys don’t build up a nest egg soon, you’re going to have trouble when you’re older.

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