March 14, 2012

Airplane Catillion!

I thought since spring break is coming up, and you guys are about to fly away to your fancy vacations in Cuba, the Bahamas, CHINA - I’d warn you of the horrors of airplane etiquette. For the sake of humanity, follow these rules.
  1. Don’t take off your freakin’ socks! No one wants to smell your fishy-as-heck feet, let alone see your ingrown, fungal toenails. Don’t clip them, either.
  2. When you recline in a chair, remember there could  be an old, frail lady behind you that you could invade the space of. This one was written with the fact that she may hit you with her handbag, 90’s-movie-style, in mind.
  3. You guys don’t need to freak out about this(I don’t think) but I’ll throw it out there anyway. Flights are packed, and so are the overhead bins. Stop hogging them and let the frail old lady put her rolling bag in there.. or out with the beating-bag!

  4. Don’t bug your seatmates.. especially if they’re old ladies. If they start a conversation with you, great! But make sure that you know when they don’t want to talk to you anymore.
  5. Don’t fart. Seriously, the air circulates through the plane. Do you really want your stank to be smelled by all?

Oh, and another thing. I know the old lady was hypothetical, but just because she’s not old(or a woman, perhaps) doesn’t mean they won’t get mad at you for violating those magical rules up there. :D

-Just A message from your favorite Egyptian!

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