March 30, 2012

Politics and You!

With the 2012 presidential election coming up, your friendly neighborhood Anarchist Communist is here to help you, once again!

  • Universal healthcare
    • People have to buy healthcare, and companies have to accept them
  • Helping the unemployed
  • Free speech
    • Anti-SOPA/PIPA (Depends on the Congressman/woman)
    • Pro-Occupy protesters (Again, on an individual basis)
  • Higher taxes for the rich
    • They have more money, so they should pay more
  • Lower taxes for the poor and middle class
    • They have less money, so they should pay less
  • Environment friendly
    • Solar power
  • Getting rid of subsidies to oil companies
    • The oil companies have been making more money than they have ever before
  • Anti-war
Democrats wish for the people with more money to pay more money, and the ones with less to pay less, which just makes sense. They also want the government to help poor people get back on their feet and get a job.

  • Nothing is free
    • No benefits
    • No government help
  • Lower taxes on the rich
    • So that they have more money to create jobs, known as “Trickle-Down Economics”
      • Proven not to work
  • Higher taxes on the poor and middle class
    • Because they have to tax someone
  • Subsidies to oil companies
    • Even though they make record profits, more in a day than the average American makes in a year.
  • Anti-free Speech
    • SOPA
    • PIPA
    • ACTA
    • PCIP
    • Arresting Occupy protesters
  • Anti-environment
    • Keystone Pipeline
  • Pro-war
Republicans wish to lower the taxes on the rich, because they are all rich, and raise the taxes on the poor and middle class because they are “Stinky hippies who need to get a job” even though it’s the Republicans that are laying off workers by the thousands to save more money for that yacht. They don’t want to help any poor people with benefits because that would cost them money that they could have.

~Mein Identity Keeps Esoteric

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