March 22, 2012

The 2012 NCAA tournament has an insane amount of upsets.  Zero brackets were perfect after Duke lost to 15 seed Lehigh.  This is the first NCAA tournament ever to have two, two seeds to get upset by 15 seeds.  Both Missouri and Duke lost to 15 seeds.  A two seed losing in the first round is a rare thing in the first place.  I mean this is the first time it has happened in 11 years.  Even more, the two 15 seeds were unknown teams; Norfolk State, and Lehigh.
First round upsets included in the South region included; (12)Virginia Commonwealth University over (5)Wichita State, (11)Colorado over (6)University of Las Vegas, (10)Xavier over (7) Notre Dame, and best of all (15)Lehigh over (2)Duke.  Surprisingly there were zero upsets in the East Region.  First round upsets in the West included; (9)Saint Louis beating (8)Memphis and (15)Norfolk State beating (2)Missouri.  Upsets in the first round of the Midwest included; (12)University of South Florida over (5)Temple, (13)Ohio beating (4)Michigan, (11)North Carolina State beat (6)San Diego State, (10)Purdue over (7)Saint Mary’s.  Some of these upsets were expected while others came out of nowhere.
Usually at this point in the NCAA tournament there is at least one perfect bracket, but this year the best bracket has 6 incorrect picks.  This bracket also has a perfect round of 32.

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