March 27, 2012

Panda Dung Tea

The name of the tea may be misleading because “Panda Dung Tea” does not actually contain panda feces.

A Chinese entrepreneur, An Yanshi, came up with the idea of using panda excrement to grow green tea and it could be one of the healthiest teas ever, if not the healthiest, since a panda’s diet consists mainly of bamboo.  Each of  50 gram pack of tea (Most people use 3 grams per cup of tea) will cost $350 each, the most expensive tea in the world.
“They are like a machine that is churning out organic fertiliser.  They keep eating and they keep producing faeces”, An said.  "Also, they absorb less than 30 percent of the nutrition from the food, and that means more than 70 percent of the nutrients are passed out in their faeces."
Even though An’s best efforts to sell his tea, some people weren’t impressed by the tea.  "It's sold at such a sky-high price, perhaps this is just hype," said 49-year-old Li Ximing.

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