March 7, 2012

the Apple TV

    We all know about Apple. The proud creators of the revolutionary MacBook, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iHome, etc. How could Apple get any better? Well, how about making an Apple TV, with all of the trademark features of Apple's other products. Rumors have been going around that Apple may be developing a TV, which has been said to be on of Steve Jobs' last visions.
    There have been many news reports to support this rumor, as well as evidence in Jobs' autobiography itself. He told Walter Isaacson, the author of Job's autobiography, that he had found a way to "make a practical TV". One of the report titles of the possible Apple product it "A Full-Blown Apple TV Is On The Way." That's enough to get anyone excited. But there's more. It has also been said that Siri, the mind-blowing voice-command robotic helper on the iPhone 4S, could be incorporated into the TV. The software engineer who built iTunes, is in charge of developing the TV set.
    As people are starting to buzz about the Apple TV, many rumors are being conjured up as well. Some say that Apple might just take the iMac and turn it into a touch screen display like the iPad and increase the size to one of a TV. Others dismiss this rumor and say that Apple will not endeavor in a touch screen TV. "I seriously doubt Apple would launch a touchscreen TV," DisplaySearch analyst Paul Gagnon tells Wired. "The primary reason is that it is an unnatural, and unnecessary, way to interact with the TV since consumers view TV at a distance" While both sides are possibilities, they are also rumors, so don't take them too seriously.
     Anyways, if there were to be an Apple TV, what would be the cost? It has yet to be mentioned, but you can bet it won't be cheap. The downside to Apple products is their infamous tendencies to have bank-emptying price tags.
    So with that, start saving up for this new product, because chances are, Apple TV's will be the next new thing. Until they come up with another wondrous invention, of course. On that note, keep your ears open for any information about the Apple TV, and check out our article about the iPad 3, which is Apples newest creation!

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