February 29, 2012

That crazy Honey badger!

Hi guys! Hana here! See this?

This is the honey badger. Watch it run in slow motion. Oh, the honey badgers are just crazy! Heheh, I love that video. Kids, you’d better know what I’m talkin’ about. Oh, watch it dig! Look at that digging! Here’s a link for you guys. But I warn you, it’s pretty PG-13, my kiddies. And here's a version with no cussing, if you guys prefer that I understand. According to knowyourmeme, the video was created by Randall(God knows who that guy is), and the video is sporting a good 40 million veiws. That’s like the entire state of California watched it! Except.. more spread out. The video was created as a means of spreading awareness of endangered animals, and in fact, the actual video was created from National Geographic clips. The video’s creator urges ya’ll kiddies to take your 13-year-old hineys to the national geographic website so you youngsters can learn a thing or two about the honey badger.

Click Read more for a surprise. ;D

Look at him go! Lookathim!

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