February 23, 2012

Concussions go up in kids

Over the last ten years concussions have increased greatly in children.    Studies show that kids going to the emergency room for concussions have increased 60% since 2002.  This increase isn’t necessarily due to increases in concussions, but an increase in awareness of the long term harm of brain injuries.  Studies done on players in the National Football League helped raise this awareness.  Doctors are saying that it is a good thing to have this increase in children going to the E.R. because of brain injuries.  They say it is good because it can help prevent the complications that come with brain injuries. The study showed, among concussions suffered by children, 70% affected boys .  Also 70% were affected children between the ages of 10 and 19.  The leading cause in concussions for males was football while the leading cause in females was biking, soccer and basketball.  Doctors attribute the large amount of biking concussions to youth rarely wearing helmets. The increased awareness in concussions will help to drop the brain injuries in school sports.

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