February 29, 2012

Apple could loose the “iPad” name

Before the iPad was announced in 2010 Apple had to buy the name from a company in China named Proview.  However Proview said they did not buy the rights in China, but they have been using it there.  Proview sued Apple for $1.6 billion.  The Chinese courts have already found favor with Proview but Apple was able to get courts in Hong Kong to agree with them.  After that, Proview wanted to go even further by saying Apple acquired the trademark unfairly, which is kind of true.  Apple hired Graham Robinson to make a fake company named IP Application Development (IPAD) Ltd. so they could buy the rights to the name without any suspicion.  Proview now wants ownership of the name “iPad” world-wide and, until they get it, for Apple to stop selling iPads in China.  Shanghai courts did not make Apple stop sales, however Amazon is no longer selling iPads in China.  There is no telling were this could go but Apple has stated that the DID buy rights in China, but Proview is not honoring the agreement.  Personally I don’t think that Proview has the power to go against Apple.

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