February 14, 2012

Dead Musician Comes Back From Living With Zombies

In Johannesburg, South Africa a Zulu folk singer claimed to come back to life.  Khulekani "Mgqumeni" Khumalo was supposed to have died in 2009 but “he” now claims that he was not dead, but held captive by zombies.  A lot of people are very doubtful (naturally) but his grandma and two of his wives believe it is actually him.  Many of his fans are storming the city and last Sunday he gave a speech to the excited crowd of his fans.  He said to them "I am Mgqumeni. And I know that some of you might not believe, but yes, it's true — it's me,"  That statement was a boldface lie.  Last Monday the police did fingerprint and DNA tests to prove that he was in fact not the man he claimed to be.  He was arrested and charged with fraud and will be in jail until the 14th.

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