February 24, 2012

Famous Mexican Actor, Chespirito Turns 83

     Chespirto does many movies but he also is a comedian. One of the most popular shows is El Chavo Del Ocho where Chespirto acts like a kid;  he is very funny and pretends to not understand a lot. El chavo del ocho is very annoying and always makes his neighbor, Don Ramon angry. El Chavo always ruins everything for example, he is constantly breaking every one’s personal belongings. El Chavo also has a friend called Kiko. Kiko likes to tease Chavo by making him jealous.  He always has something to brag about to Chavo for instance, sometimes he has, a giant lolly pop, or bouncing ball. This story got so popular that they also made a cartoon about it.

     The other poplular show is called El Chapulin Colorado who is a super hero that helps other people.  However, he is not your ordinary super hero.  He is always afraid of the villans that he battles. Nevertheless, El Chapulin always wins. He has a “chipote chllion” which is a hammer that he always knocks people out with. He also has a magic potion that can make him very small so he can get close to the bad guys to get information. This show is very popular in Mexico and has been going on since the 70’s and 80’s. That is why today, we are celebrating Chespirtos 83rd birthday. People are memorializing everything that he has done.

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