February 29, 2012

Heh.. they’re so cute. The widdle birdies and their adorable little piggy friends..

You know what I’m talking about. Angry birds. The game that’s basically captured the heart of every iPod/Pad owner in the world. It’s sort of expanded, though. I mean, a Rio version, a Seasonal version.. Did I mention they’re making a few angry birds theme parks? Yeah, those’ll be a hit. Oh, but what’s this?

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

It’s an angry birds.. plane?!

Seriously, they’re so adorable! This plane-like shop is set up in an airport somewhere. If you’re traveling soon, it’s called Helnski int’l airport. Finland, fyi. The store sells every character in the game in plush form, plus pens and pencils and iPad cases. Personally, I prefer Temple Run, but I bet you Angrybirds fans found this interesting.. Heck, I bet half of you are packing for Finland.



What, you thought this article was over? Hahaha, no. So, listen up. Angry Birds was on your iPod/Pad/Phone, Google+(I have a high score!) and now..

Facebook! Yeah, I was surprised too. Well, now I have three highscores to beat.. I wish they were all connected in like.. one super-mega-angry birds game, ya know? Then I wouldn’t have to play all the levels in like.. every social network that ever existed! Plus, when’s it coming to myspace?


Yeah. Myspace still exists! Anywho, I gotta wrap up this article. Got some birds to fling and some pig-angels to make sing!

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