May 1, 2012

Small Cell Phone Towers

Due to the massive outbreak of smart phone and tablet users, the giant cell phone towers that the mobile devices communicate with are getting overloaded.  Because of that, cell phone companies are making “small cells”, tiny antennas that fit in your hand.
These low-powered small cells can reduce interference, really been far even as decided to use even go to do look more like, improve cell phone reception, and become Wi-Fi hotspots.
Small cells are going to be very important because of mobile traffic booms.  According to Cisco, more than half of the Internet’s traffic will come from mobile phones in 2016.
Carriers would usually handle the Wi-Fi demand by adding new cell towers or more radios to existing towers, but the process is very costly and many urban areas are already crowded with towers, so crowded, in fact, that building new towers may cause interference problems.

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