May 11, 2012

New, Healthy Vending Machines?

   We've all gotten something from a vending machine before. It's always conveniently there when you're hungry. In the back of your mind you tell yourself that the snacks aren't healthy, but you try to ignore that thought.
   Yeah, that guilty feeling of eating crappy food stays with you for a long time, so it's no surprise that vending machine companies are beginning to make changes to their snack options. Now-a-days, most people are growing increasingly more aware of the foods they eat. In order to keep business going and "promote a healthy diet", vending machines might start making some amends to their standard snacks. Per say, instead of a snickers bar, a pack of almonds. Or instead of a candy bar, organic yogurt. As long as it's conveniently there, people will buy it. It's nutritional value is a bonus.
   On the Huffington Post, there was a poll asking about who would invest in a "healthy vending machine". The response was huge. Many people got hyped up by the idea of it. I mean, most changes are exciting, and surprisingly enough, junk food to healthy food is one of them. It's a good swap that advocates the recovery of Americans' healthiness. You know the deal: fast food restaurants, obesity rates higher than any other country, etc.
  So the fact that the idea of healthy vending machines was proposed shows a more promising future for America. It's one small step to a healthier country!

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