May 2, 2012

The time is coming.... For a graduation dress!

  It's almost the end of the year... Surprising eh? You don't really notice until you start thinking about graduation, and most importantly, the dress you're going to wear. It's a big deal for girls, but if you're a guy, you might want to stop reading, unless you're interested in where to buy dresses, and what an ideal graduation dress is.
 When buying a graduation dress, you want it to be nice and classy, but it shouldn't be like a ball gown. Don't sweat about getting an expensive, really elegant dress. Simple and cute will do just fine for this occasion.

  One of a girl's biggest worry with graduation dresses is that someone will have the same one. It's true, you can get cute dresses from Nordstrom and Forever 21, but the chances of someone having the same dress as you is really high. Especially because we all have the same general taste in clothes. To prevent this potentially embarrassing thing from happening, don't mill around at your local mall and buy a dress there. Try shopping at a boutique or online.
  Boutiques are a bit more expensive, but you know that the dresses there are unique. A majority of girls don't even think of stopping by a boutique to look for a dress because it's just not a common idea. However, boutiques are a great place to look for a dress.

  The other option, shopping online, is often over-looked as well. Shopping online is extremely risky (an extra small online is different than an extra small at the store?!), but it can pay off. There are often dresses exclusive to the online store, so chances are no one will have your dress.
   Here are some good sites to get dresses that range from semi-expensive to not exactly cheap, but they are all still great for graduation:
*Check out the clearance section. There are sometimes good finds there for a good price.

Delia's: $$;jsessionid=485D9D5B44CA6D35C37DD970BF12A80F.worker6?categoryKey=dresses&topnavTrack=dresses&incmpid=TopNavDresses

Nordstrom: $$

H&M: $

XXI: $

Happy graduating!


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