May 2, 2012

A Man's Best Friend!!!!!

A man's best friend. They wag their tail to comfort you, run and play with you,  and always are loyal to you. Any dog owner could tell you all the amazing things about their dog. Here is the list of top 20 cutest dogs.
I can honestly say, that as I was scrolling through this list, I wanted to cuddle with every, single one of them. A pug made it on the top of the list. Have you ever heard of a Shar Pei? It made number 2 on the list for its wrinkled and adorable face.
Cutest Dog Breeds
Almost all of the dogs are smaller breeds, but Huskies, Dalmatians, Golden Retrievers,  Black and Yellow Labs, and Poodles all made it on this list..
Many of these bigger dogs are not only adorable and beautiful, they are also some of the sweetest and most loyal dogs. Although all dogs are better than cats, bigger dogs are more obedient, playful, and much less yappy. Bigger dogs are better family dogs while littler dogs are more apartment or city pooches. These dogs don't mind being confined into city buildings or not having long walks, some little dogs don't like walking! Big dogs get jumpy and angry when they don't have room to run and play. My Golden Retriever will go run and chase the ball, but then he won't give it back!
 I was inspired to tell people about my favorite animal, when I  read an article about a dog who was found in a cactus, with 100's of pricks. When he was all cleaned up, 50 people tried adopting him. 
There are tons of dogs who need homes! And every dog will become your new best friend!

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